Are all the products from a specific range exactly the same? 

All products manufactured by Toffee Apple is original, hand painted and / or hand sewn. The pieces of wood we use, especially the reclaimed wood products, have character differences, including but not limited to natural weathered coloring, inclusions, grains, and knots, therefore, natural variations do occur and should be expected. But if you do find something that is identical to the tee, then consider getting a lottery ticket, it may be your lucky day!

Are the products manufactured by machines? 

We have chosen to produce unique pieces and as such, all our products are hand made and may take some time to produce large quantities. General machine work may be used when cutting wood and sewing fabric but the final product is crafted by hand. It keeps us busy this way!

Can I have customised specifications made to order?

Should you wish to discuss the possibilities of alterations in fabric, larger or smaller sizes of pieces, or even specific items that you are looking for but have not found, then contact us at your soonest convenience for us to see how we can help you where possible. We may not be magicians but we are getting there!

How does one care for the wood products?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our timber products have been finished and sealed with a food-safe sealant. But with regular use and over time, it may be required to have the wooden product be treated with an organic and / or natural wood wax. We must stress that standard furniture polish must not be used on any serving / dining products due to the chemicals they may contain.

There aren’t that many FAQ’s here and I still have questions?

Well because we are passionate about what we do, we really wanted to get back to work, but if there are still a few things you want to clarify, then pop us an email or give us a call. Our details are in the Contact Us page and we promise that we will get back to you quickly after receiving your request.