To hear or not to hear

Toffee Apple Creations supports Deaf Media 4 You with a variety of projects. I have a very strong bond with this organisation due to the fact that I too, growing up in a deaf environment, have been exposed to the negative ways in which the
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Time is of the essence

With the year advancing to the finish line at a rapid pace, one hardly has time to stop and catch one’s breath. Just having come out of Easter, we are hurtled back into school and creche  breaks,   Mothers day,  Fathers day, and every other day
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Bye Bye Blues

Bye Bye blues

Being a parent and having young grandchildren, I know what it feels like to literally have your space turned upside down.  Toys litter the home and nappy changes could easily turn into a traumatic chore for both mom and baby.  The secret is to organise,
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Farewell summer, hello autumn

Autumn has arrived!!! Bringing with her a riot of colours that are bold yet stimulating, spewing a beautiful chaotic mess of leaves and tinging the air with a crispness that only she can offer. Toffee Apple revels in this, as we find inspiration from it
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The Braaidsmaid

South Africans have and always will be known for our need to invite friends and family around for a braai, whether we are celebrating something, or just for the sake of it. Nothing scares us because if we want to braai, then we will do
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