A few words about us

Toffee Apple Creations, unique vintage inspired products

Toffee Apple creations was established in 2011. We live and breathe South Africa, embodying what we believe makes the southern tip of Africa so wonderful. A dedication to the good life, through celebrating the simple things. We take pride in what we do, sourcing our materials responsibly, and then turning them into something that will last.

On discovering the plight of the underprivileged deaf community in Helderberg, the Western Cape, we decided to involve ourselves and aide them into becoming sustainable and to uplift their impoverished living conditions. The Deaf Workshop Project was thus born. A large percentage of the deaf people in this community are unable to read or write but have been gifted with an abundance of creativity. They have found a new lease on life by not only designing and manufacturing beautifully hand-crafted items, but are able to nurture their self-esteem and confidence. Toffee Apple Creations offers them the exposure they so richly deserve. Deaf people hear with their eyes and talk with their hands.